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Sports & Recreation

Spend LESS time treading concrete and more time outdoors and being healthy

Put on your runners, grab your cleats, or slip into your ski boots because Oxford is going to have your feet moving.

Spend MORE time in the Great Outdoors

Spending time outdoors comes naturally during all seasons in Oxford, but is especially enjoyed during the summer. With beaches less than an hour away a lazy summer afternoon can be spent lounging by the water. However, there are many outdoor retreats within our own county. We have a few conservation areas, Pittock and Wildwood among them, which offer camping hiking, biking and paddling.

Pittock Conservation Area’s Step Into Nature Package is a two-night experience that includes a campsite with hydro, a large tent (which is even set-up for you when you arrive), two bags of firewood, two bags of ice, a container of worms, access to fishing gear during your stay and a four-hour canoe or kayak rental. All you need to pack is your sleeping bags!

Oxford County has 100 km of walking/biking/cross-country skiing trails. With the Nith and Thames rivers to paddle on and alternate trails to ATV and snowmobile on, there is an expansive network of paths to explore. Check out the Oxford County Trail Map.

Nature and bird lovers might want to know Oxford County is part of Canada’s South Coast Birding Trail with 321 species of birds recorded making it the premiere destination for bird watchers. Check out Oxford’s birding trails map.

Spend MORE time playing sports

Oxford is host to numerous indoor and outdoor sports teams held at elementary schools and high schools, at sports clubs and in recreation centers. Popular sports include hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, golfing, curling, lacrosse, volleyball, horseback riding and football. Find a team to suit your needs, for youth or adults, on a competitive team or just for fun.

Hockey, Canada’s pastime is naturally played by all ages in Oxford County. Usually occurring during the winter months, people play scheduled games on our indoor ice rinks or pick up fun games on frozen ponds outside. Oxford has many hockey associations for all levels of competition for you to join.

The first recorded game of baseball occurred in Beachville, Oxford County! To this day, baseball is still a widely played summer sport in Oxford. We have many outdoor baseball diamonds, with a number of different clubs or teams to join. The Woodstock Minor Baseball Association has just opened an indoor training facility, so teams can practice their swing all year round.

Soccer, (football to most other countries) is one of our most popular team sports played during the warmer months. With a new indoor soccer field you can now play year round in Oxford County. Join the Woodstock, Tillsonburg, or Ingersoll soccer club to be part of a team.

Golf, which is only played during the late spring to early fall months, is a popular outdoor pastime in Oxford. The area has 11 golf courses, all with varying lengths and terrains offering beginner and difficult level courses at varying price ranges.

Recreation Centres

Prefer to get out of the cold? There are a number of recreation centers and which offer indoor sports, swimming, and exercise classes, for youth and adults alike. See our Explore Oxford map to find out where the community’s rec centers are located. We also have a number of yoga and pilates studios, dance centers, gyms, dojos and other martial arts centers. 

We also have an engaging youth center in our county situated in Ingersoll called the Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre. “Whether they are engaging in activities, such as sports, recreation, cooking, and the arts, or employing leading edge technology to develop skills in graphic design, music and media production, youth between the ages of 12 and 18 can develop the skills they need to define their future at Fusion.”

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