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Affordable housing means that you can truly live the life you want!

Pay Less for a Home

Housing is a main consideration for newcomers coming to the area and often the reason most people settle or relocate outside of the metropolitan areas.  Housing in Oxford County is significantly cheaper than living in major cities such as the Toronto area even with the rise in the housing market.

Here are the Facts

Pay less for a home
The average selling price for 2017 as a whole was $822,681 in Toronto, $586,208 for Ontario as a whole and only $341,526 for Oxford County. 

Pay Less Rent
The average price of rent in Oxford is approximately $300 to $400 cheaper than in Toronto.  

Pay Less Property Tax
The tax rate for Oxford County in 2016 was 0.00377 compared to 0.66164 in Toronto. $3,886.98 

Pay Less for Land
The average price of residential land in Toronto in 2015 was $637,000 per acre and only $12,236 per acre in Oxford a year later.

Alternative Housing for Low / Medium Income

Human Services offers a number of programs for low to medium income families who need help finding suitable housing. These programs include:

To find out what housing options may be available for you, visit the Human Services Resource Room for more information.

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