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Why look for a job in Oxford County? 

One of Ontario’s richest areas for farmland, Oxford County also boasts a rapidly expanding commercial and industrial sector. Larger cities may seem to have more options in the job market; however, competition is higher when countless other qualified candidates are applying for the same positions as you. In Oxford we want your skills, applied to positions where you can work to your full potential.  

In Toronto more people are earning less; 14% more people in Toronto earn a low income than in Oxford. You will also enjoy a lower cost of living allowing you to save money for what matters most in your life, whether that’s a home, your children’s education, or that holiday getaway.

Where to Look

There are many resources a newcomer may access to begin their search for a job in our community. However, provides job listings from Oxford County exclusively and will be able to connect you with family owned businesses and local employers. The website also allows you to connect with a virtual counsellor, so you may have your questions answered from the comfort of your home, or before you arrive.

Alternatively, you may reach out to Community Employment Services (CES): a not for profit corporation that has been delivering federal, provincial and municipal employment and training programs in our community since 1994. CES invests heavily in skilled worker recruitment, labour force development and strives to address challenges identified within our business community.

CES provides many services to gain employment including: 

  • resume and cover letter preparation
  • foreign qualification accreditation
  • job search strategies
  • interview skills
  • employment counselling
  • training and self-employment information
  • labour market information and access to employer hiring incentives 
  • wage subsidies

For Newcomers to Canada

Are you new to Canada and looking for a job? Check out our I am moving from another country page to find contact information with our settlement services.

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