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Oxford County is a dynamic and expanding economic hub for Southwest Ontario

Oxford County is a thriving environment to own, operate and grow your business. With a population of over 100,000 residents, you are sure to find a steady demand for your product or service and a loyal customer base. Oxford County businesses are varied and unique, from small town specialty stores, multi-cultural cuisine to manufacturing; you can be sure you will find your niche market in our home towns.

Learn everything you need to know or to make contact with Community Futures for one-on-one help on self-employment in Oxford.


Celebrate a new beginning by fulfilling your dreams of running a business.

Whether you are a newcomer living in Oxford County or considering immigration through business you will find the following guide from Canada Business Ontario very useful in planning your business launch: Business Guide for Newcomers to Canada.

Youth Entrepreneurs

Oxford County is a great place to own and operate a business at any age. Unique to Oxford County are the many supports available to young entrepreneurs from ages 15 to 39, offering, bursaries from one thousand dollars to grants to loans of up to forty five thousand dollars. Here is a complete list of young entrepreneur programs available in Oxford County:

Offered to youth ages 15 to 29, enrolled in a high school or post-secondary institution, wishing to run a summer business. For more information on Summer Company visit or visit

To be eligible you must be 18 to 29 and not be a student in school. The program provides business training, mentorship and grants up to $5000 to start or expand your current business. For more information on Starter Company visit or Starter Company

Futurpreneur Canada, formally the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, offers a range of online resources and mentorship supports. For more information on Futurpreneur Canada programs, supports and resources visit

Ask any questions you may have around starting or growing your business in Oxford County!

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