Oxford County Business Success Stories:

Sedum Master


Sedum Master supplies pre-cultivated vegetation for the green roof and green wall industry. Grown on site in Princeton, Ontario Sedum Master supplies Sedum Mats, Sedum Panels, Plug Plants, 4 Pots, Growing Medium, Green Wall Units and many other products.

Sedum Master was established 8 years ago and has since grown rapidly. You can find Sedum Master products all over North America on government roofs, schools, hospitals, big business facilities, and the homes of do-it-yourselfers.

In the words of Greg Magda, owner and operator of Sedum Master:

“So many exciting adventures and so many intriguing clients make all the hard work so worthwhile. It’s amazing to see our products all over North America and be able to say, ‘Sedum Master was a part of that.’ We are making a positive change in the environment.”

Over the years many new and different products have come available at Sedum Master with many new “sedums” as well. Sedum Master works one-on-one with clients to make sure they have the best and most suitable products for their projects. Clients are also provided with instruction on how to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. At Sedum Master they are always “growing.”

The company, located near Princeton, is a family-owned business with 3 generations of farming expertise. The Magda family planted its roots in Oxford County over 30 years ago and have since established a successful farming business.
“To pick up their farm and move elsewhere is not an option. This is home. Oxford County is home.”
Being situated in Oxford County allows the business easy access to the 401 and 403 highways.  The location is centred among the major cities in Southern Ontario, which is great when shipping products.

“What is truly great is that we are able to run a business so close to home and still have all the comforts of family, friends, businesses and communities that we have grown and trusted over the years.”

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