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Oxford County is a thriving environment to own, operate and grow your business. With a population of over 100,000 residents living in the 5 townships of Oxford County, you are sure to find a steady demand for your product or service and a loyal customer base. Oxford County businesses are varied and unique, from small town specialty stores, to multi-cultural cuisine and manufacturing. You can be sure you will find your niche market in our home towns.

Oxford County welcomes new business owners from all corners of the globe. We have support for every business owner at any stage of development and specialty supports for young entrepreneurs and newcomers. Our local business support centres are ready to help you refine your concept, develop your business plan and see you through your launch. Our regional Chamber of Commerce offices will help you connect and network within the Oxford County communities, making sure you reach every possible customer.

The Oxford Small Business Support Centre (OSBSC) in Ingersoll is committed to small business and community development in our county. The OSBSC will help you consider the feasibility of your business idea and develop it into a viable enterprise through business seminars, workshops and 1:1 consultation. As a non-profit organization the OSBSC provides business advice and guidance to all entrepreneurs, as well as access to financing. The OSBSC delivers the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program for the region.

The Woodstock and Area Small Business Enterprise Centre (WASBEC) is focused on providing support to start-up and small enterprises during their first through fifth years of operation. Entrepreneurs are provided with easy access to business counselling services and information covering management, marketing, technology and financing. WASBEC delivers the Summer Company program for young entrepreneurs wishing to run a summer business.

The SureStart Entrepreneurship Program is located in Ingersoll at the Fusion Youth Activity Centre. SureStart provides business training, planning and support to youth age 18 to 29. Business training is provided throughout Oxford County and is scheduled conveniently to meet the needs of youth in school, employed or with other commitments. Bursaries up to $1000 are available to candidates with a great business idea and a solid business plan. The SureStart program recognizes and values the contributions of young entrepreneurs to the economic growth of our area.

We welcome you to contact our business support providers for more information.

Oxford Small Business Centre
188 Oxford St, Ingersoll ON
(519) 425 0401

Woodstock and Area Small Business Enterprise Centre
453 Dundas St. Woodstock ON
(519) 421 2129

SureStart Youth Entrepreneurship program
Fusion Youth Activity Centre
121 Thames St. North, Ingersoll ON
(519) 485 4386

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