Ifhan Hudda's Story

Ifhan Hudda first came to Canada as a child in 1975 when his family immigrated from Uganda, East Africa to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Since growing up in Niagara, Ifhan has lived in London, the GTA and Toronto, but it was in Woodstock where he and his own young family have chosen to settle. Ifhan is currently the General Manager of the Quality Hotel and Suites in Woodstock.

"This is home. We know a lot of people. We are part of a lot of associations, so everyone is aware of who I am and who my family is."

Becoming a member of the local Rotary club gave Ifhan the opportunity to immediately get to know people and build a social and business network in the community. He currently serves as Executive Director for the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce. Ifhan describes Oxford's business environment as cooperative and supportive:

"We all work together. The first community I’ve been in where nobody is working against each other. We all work together. We always want to make sure we’re achieving the same objectives."

The Huddas also love the family-friendly quality of Oxford.

"It is a great county to bring up your family. In a small town everybody gets along and assists each other. A great place to bring up a family."

In their spare time Ifhan and his family enjoy all of the benefits of living in a smaller community in Southern Ontario. He enjoys golf and making renovations on his home and backyard.  The Huddas particularly appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings and camping opportunities in and around Oxford.

"My family loves to go camping. My kids are 14, 11, 10 and 7. About 6 years ago we decided to try Pittock Conservation Park campgrounds.We went and had a fantastic time. The kids have a lot of activities to do there. And it is close to home in case we forget something or it rains."

Asked what he loves about Oxford, Ifhan replies;

"It's the people. I live in Woodstock. The motto is 'friendly city.' When I came to the City and County people were very friendly and welcoming."

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