Weather & Climate

Residents of Oxford County experience the full range of Canada's four seasons.

Winter (December to March) is the coldest of the seasons. Located in the Southwest of the province, Oxford's winters are milder than in most parts of the province. Wear your warm clothing, hats and mittens and get outside to enjoy the snow.

In Spring (March to June) the snow melts, the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer.

Summer (June to September) is the hottest season. You can enjoy the sunny weather in shorts and t-shirts. Average summer temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. A long growing season and summer heat make for ideal conditions in Oxford and have made our strong farming economy possible.

In the Fall or Autumn (September to December) leavesturn all shades of yellow, red and orange. The weather begins to get colder, and the days get shorter as we get closer to Winter.

The following are some average summer and winter temperatures and rain/snow fall in different parts of the county.


July January
Average temperature 20*C -6.*C
Average precipitation 96 mm 64 mm


July January
Average temperature 21*C -4.5*C
Average precipitation 103 mm 102 mm


July January
Average temperature 20*C -6*C
Average precipitation 99 mm 66 mm

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